Pastor John Edgell

Pastor John Edgell, and his wife Sue have been gracious in filling in during our transition in getting a permenant Pastor through Village Missions. Pastor John and Sue are members of the Pahrump Community Church, as well as other areas of local ministry. We at Amargosa Christian Fellowship would like to share Pastor John's Sermon's with you. Included are some of the song solo's he preformed for us, and has given us permission to share as well. Click on the links below to hear his messages and songs.

Sermons Solo's
June 4 2017 How Great Thou Art
June 11 2017 In Christ Alone
June 18 2017 What A Day That Will Be
June 25 2017 When Jesus Comes
*July 16 2017  

* The sound quality on this one is not great, we had some technical difficulties with the main microphone.

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The Purpose of Amargosa Christian Fellowship is: To teach the Bible to believers; edifying, instructing, and discipling them towards maturity in the faith. To represent Christ and teach the truths of the Gospel to our community. To further the cause of Christ throughout the world.
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